What is Sandra?

Sandra is a powerful Discord bot focused on form and function. Get the most out of your Discord experience with a quality bot designed with users in mind.


This wiki was created to help explain obscure behavior you may encounter when using Sandra as well as document complex features. If you discover any mistakes throughout this wiki, feel free to join our Discord server and let us know.

This wiki is a work in progress, information may be missing or incomplete.

About Sandra

Sandra was created by avery as a project in April of 2017 to learn programming. Originally made with NodeJS, Sandra was quickly recreated in Java as it's strict typing appeared easier to understand. As the year progressed, Legolog3 became interested in the project and decided to join as well as help with hosting Sandra. Eventually we decided to build our own Linux box where Sandra now lives today. Around March of 2018 blair stumbled upon our project and decided to support us by becoming a patron on our Patreon. Over time we became good friends with blair and hired them as a designer to help with Sandra's overall appearance, design, and personality. Today, Sandra has come a long ways from her humble beginnings. I currently work on Sandra whenever possible, as there is always something to improve.